Nova-Tech Platforms

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Nova-Tech Platforms

Our company, NOVA-TECH Spółka z o.o., have become specialists in the manufacture of platforms with measurements corresponding to the majority of scaffolding systems used in Europe, such as Alfix, Bauman, Plettac, Rux.

Our platforms meet all requirements of Polish and other European standards, which is confirmed by safety certificates issued by the Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining in Warsaw. High quality is ensured by an automated line for cutting and profiling as well as a robotic assembly and welding station.

An important factor in ensuring platform durability is proper anticorrosive protection. The best known method is hot galvanizing. A zinc layer constitutes an extremely resistant coat to adverse weather conditions; it does not require maintenance or cleaning, and is harmless for the environment.



Advantages of Nova-Tech Platforms


High Quality

Platforms made of high quality structural carbon metal plates



Precision maintained thanks to robotic welding and assembly line



Platform catch system enables quick and easy installation of the scaffolding structure



Full compatibility with scaffolding systems used all over Europe


Nova-Tech Platforms

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