The effect of a long-term cooperation with the company ?MJ-Gerüst? is the contract about exclusiveness for selling on the Polish market by NOVA-TECH modular systems produced by ?MJ-Gerüst? called COMBI and COMBI METRIC.

NOVA-TECH will also promote and sell modular systems produced by ?MJ-Gerüst? on markets on which they are selling their products

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We sell steel platforms and complete scaffolding systems, which include frames with the height of 0.5 m to 2.0 m, consoles, braces, guardrails, toeboards, passage platforms with ladders, base plates and fixing elements.

Our multi-purpose scaffolding platforms can be used in:

- Steel scaffoldings for construction jobs, which carry loads coming from equipment, devices and personnel;

- As stationary operating platforms for industrial machines.

Our platforms are made of S 235JR or DC01 steel sheet depending on where they are going to be used and what customer requirements are. We manufacture platform frames of top quality structural carbon pipes and sheet.

Platform production technology:

Our products are made by die shearing, punching, rolling and welding, with the use of a specialist production line. We have developed and implemented a roll forming technology which enables us to achieve high strength and rigidity as well as high permissible load. Platform decks are welded to fixing elements at a specialist line operated by robots. This ensures high production capacity accompanied by top quality workmanship.

Anticorrosive protection:

An important factor in ensuring platform durability is proper anticorrosive protection. The best known method is hot galvanizing. A zinc layer constitutes an extremely resistant coat to adverse weather conditions; it does not require maintenance or cleaning, and is harmless for the environment.

Safe use:

Unlike wooden platforms, which easily absorb moisture, our platforms have openings ensuring easy outflow of water. This prevents undesired increase of weight despite changing weather conditions. It has to be noted that the majority of works on scaffoldings is done at considerable heights, hence slipping is extremely dangerous. Special shape of the walking area of the platform increases user comfort and significantly reduces the risk of slipping ? making the scaffolding much safer to work on.


Pursuant to the Order by the Minister of Infrastructure dated 6 February 2003 (Journal of Laws 47) concerning the obligation to test and certify scaffolding components for their conformity to safety standards, our products have been approved by the Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining, Warsaw, and have a ?B? safety marking.

Easy and quick assembly:

Putting up a scaffolding is a time-consuming and responsible job. It takes a well-coordinated and experienced team of assemblers to do it. Our fixing system is compatible with well-known systems, such as RUX, PLETTAC, as well as other systems used in construction works, which significantly shortens the time needed to build a scaffolding.

Please find below information on the certification of our scaffolding systems with the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden.